LLB Activity: Create Your Own New Form of Violence

I recently told you about Dr. Jade Schiff, a professor at Oberlin College who created a new form of violence to win her argument on her terms.  “Discursive violence” is assault by rhetoric, of course, so you better not argue in such a manner that she feels will (literally?) bruise others.

Why should she have all of the fun?  And why should we stop at “discursive violence?”  Here are some new kinds of violence that we would use in accusations against our enemies if we were part of the authoritarian left.


Like thoughtcrime, thoughtviolence is when the idea of committing an act of violence crosses your mind.

cognate violence

In German, “schmeckt” means “tastes.”  Unfortunately, it looks a little like the word “smacked” in English.  You are therefore committing assault when you say, “Das schmeckt mir gut.”

excessive aviary force

When a bird poops on your head.

triggerwarnitive assault

A very common form of violence, triggerwarnitive assault occurs when you are triggered by a trigger warning.

R.E.M. abuse

Just because someone offended you in a dream doesn’t mean it’s not their fault.


More importantly, what do you think?  What are the latest forms of violence we’ll be reading about in the future?


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